Our planet | More Weekends on Earth

Climate change is real. We're seeing the impact it is having in the way we live, our communities and our surroundings.

If we do not act now, our Weekends on Earth will be limited. Facing this reality is terrifying. Weekend Craft Ales is far from being carbon neutral. But that's not stopping us in committing to lessen our waste at every step possible to reach our goal. 

What are we doing to fight climate changing and have more Weekends?

Bottles Back! 

Bottles are greenhouse gas intensive product to create. A lot of times, it ends up in the trash bins. There's still a lot of value left in these bottles!

Bottles are infinitely recyclable! These can be reused, and reused, and reused...even for beer. All it needs is some scrubbin, and a lot of lovin. This is the reason why we launched the Bottles Back

We recycle the amber bottles that we use by the Weekend Drinking Crew, and similar amber beer bottles. (Sadly, we do not Bottles Back those clear bottles. It will destroy our beer.) To encourage you to give it back to us, we buy it at Php 5 per bottle! 

With the Bottles Back, the value of beer bottles is introduced back in the supply chain, reduces the waste - a cheers for everyone!

Recycled Packaging

Another bulk of the waste produced in the retail industry is in packaging. We choose not to create a special packaging (carton boxes, carriers) at Weekend Craft Ales when we ship our beer.

Instead, we reuse cardboard boxes and bubble wraps from other sources. This way, we are still sending your beer safely and lessen our waste! Pass it forward, and reuse the packaging when shipping again.